How to add new mutation for cosmic-ray framework

Mutation testing is a concept that I heard some time ago but lately on anti-if course (I highly recommend!) done by Andrzej Krzywda I had a chance to use it in practice. I notice a big difference in the number of mutations generated by different frameworks (mutmut, cosmic-ray, and mutpy) when I was refactoring Gilded … Read more

Tox configuration and integration

Basic tox config Let’s start with a basic config that will run unittest and measure coverage. Important option here is usedevelop = true. With this it won’t install your package to virtualnenv and coverage can be measured. Another thing is to erase previous coverage reports. Codestyle Next, I wanted to check the codestyle. I use pycodestyle, … Read more

Refactoring to BDD-like tests

Sometimes I found myself in a situation where it’s hard to understand what some components suppose to achieve. In these situations, I go to test where scenarios/contracts of this component should be.But then I find some integrations tests with some entries in DB and expected mechanical results.My strategy in this situation is to refactor test … Read more