Refactoring to BDD-like tests

Sometimes I found myself in a situation where it’s hard to understand what some components suppose to achieve. In these situations, I go to test where scenarios/contracts of this component should be.But then I find some integrations tests with some entries in DB and expected mechanical results.My strategy in this situation is to refactor test … Read more

Persistency of DDD aggregate

Post in answer to a StackOverflow questions “SQLAlchemy and DDD” and “Persist POJOs in Python using a DDD approach”. You can find code used in this example here. DTO Having out DDD component I want to separation from DTO used by our aggregate and repository implementation. I introduce interface for DTO that will be delivered by … Read more

My structure for DDD component

Post in answer to a StackOverflow question. You can find code used in this example here. Package structure In component package I use this modules as starting point. migrations/ Commands A command is always DTO and as specific, as it can be from a domain perspective. I aim to create … Read more