Hi, I’m Łukasz Żukowski

Łukasz Żukowski


I’m commercially developing software since 2004, but from 2007 mostly with python. I was working on strictly technical projects like CDN support project and strictly business or e-commerce project.


Domain-driven design was a game-changer to legacy projects that I worked with. Understanding domain, using ubiquitous language, and especially strategic DDD helped a lot.It sets the direction for the project.

Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery is my goal for the software development process. Extreme programming, technical skills, and proper development habits are my way to improve in this area. When I’m succeeding with new skills I introduce and implement these skills to teams I work with.

  • Experiment 7: Aggregate with repository
    This post is seventh experiment described in post “Experiment: 10 Different implementations of Aggregate“. This one is very similar to the classical example. The goal is to separate more from an event-sourcing framework and making the Repository implemented for actual Aggregate. Reflections on this experiment I don’t see many benefits from this example. In this case, Aggregate is aware that it’s event-sourced, it’s dependent on creating events so removing the repository doesn’t change anything. I implemented it the same as in the ruby example, but what I really don’t like is that loading aggregate can fail if business rules changes. … Read more

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