Hi, I’m Łukasz Żukowski

Łukasz Żukowski


I’m commercially developing software since 2004, but from 2007 mostly with python. I was working on strictly technical projects like CDN support project and strictly business or e-commerce project.


Domain-driven design was a game-changer to legacy projects that I worked with. Understanding domain, using ubiquitous language, and especially strategic DDD helped a lot.It sets the direction for the project.

Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery is my goal for the software development process. Extreme programming, technical skills, and proper development habits are my way to improve in this area. When I’m succeeding with new skills I introduce and implement these skills to teams I work with.

  • Why I find 100% code coverage very useful
    I’m a fan of ATDD. Whenever I start a new feature I try to describe it in form of BDD or SBE tests. Why it’s important to me? It’s not only about having tests in the project but also about having control over development. These tests and code coverage metric is my feedback loop over implementation. On code review on the first commit, I ask my QA to review test scenarios. This is a great fast way to get information if we understand the feature correctly. But let’s see it with an example. Example feature Create API that allows its … Read more